GRN Coastal changed the make up of our sales force.

Electrical manufacturer

GRN Coastal worked with us very closely and provided great consultation of candidate’s abilities as it applies to our business.

PVF distributor

GRN Coastal’s professionalism and process made the hiring of our top executive a very positive engagement for all parties.

Chairman of the Board, Plumbing Distributor

GRN Coastal was super helpful guiding me throughout the interview process, their ability as not only recruiters but also as industry experts helped me make the decision very easy to accept my offer.

Industrial Supply candidate

GRN Coastal has provided us with top talent from the executive level to warehouse and showroom, they have helped us transform our workforce.

Plumbing Distributor

GRN Coastal has secured our company some top college hires and these new hires are on track to becoming sales and operations for us.

National Electrical Distributor

GRN Coastal’s real world experience separates them from your typical recruiter.

Solar sales candidate

John Salvadore and GRN have rapidly become a major factor in  industry recruitment because they have the experience of actual being from the industry. Salvadore has worked at many different companies and amassed such a great reputation that executives and owners trust his firm with bringing the industries best talent to their organization. Being from the industry and now working for the industry is something that can’t be easily duplicated by any internal talent acquisition team, especially with a large variety of products, services and geographical needs.

Industry Leading consultant

GRN Coastal has become a very reliable  resource for our recruitment needs. They communicate extremely well, we are always in sync with their search process and they always deliver what I am looking for. I have moved away from some of my traditional recruiters because GRN Coastal is just simply much better.

Director Human Resources- Automation Distributor

GRN Coastal has helped us fill some very difficult positons, they are able to apply resources and quickly find us the type of people that our internal team couldn’t. They are a big part of our recruitment effort.

VP Human Resources- Automation Mfg