A Recruitment solution for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing… from the industry, for the industry

At GRN Coastal, we are committed to keeping our clients ahead of their competition by providing them with talented employees that will provide them with a competitive advantage.

We have a real-world understanding of the issues that distributors and manufacturers experience, honed by significant years in the field working directly for distribution and manufacturing at the customer level.

Our team recognizes that it isn’t enough to find someone with just the right experience. Our goal is to deliver top talent across all facets of the organization and become an extension of your team.

Our search consultants already have their foot in the door with the companies that may want to hire you.

This means you’ll be privy to more contacts, more interviews, and greater opportunities.

Why select GRN Coastal for your recruitment needs?
Industries We Serve

We have many clients in the distribution and manufacturing sectors promoting MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operational) oriented products.


Technically driven top talent in the areas of PLC, Drives, Motion Control, HMI, Controls, Software.


A wide angle sector ranging from Power Transmissions to Industrial Mill Supply.


Clients and candidates that provide customers expertise in Switchgear and electrical, power and conditioning.


Residential, Commercial, Institutional and New Construction


Cloud, software, big data storage


Green initiatives in the area of Solar, Wind, Lighting and HVAC

PVF & Industrial Supply

Pipe, valve, fittings and all types of industrial supply products

Plumbing, HVAC and Waterworks

Plumbing, HVAC, fire protection, hydronic and waterworks

GRN has been recognized by Forbes magazine year after year as one of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms in both Executive Search and Professional Search. GRN has also made Entrepreneur magazine’s prestigious Franchise 500® as the leader in the category of Executive Recruiting.

We have earned a reputation as an industry insider and advisor with work built on a platform of strong industry-related experience, supported by an industry-driven approach in assessing each client’s culture, strategic growth plan and competitive advantages that make our clients who they are.

GRN Coastal works with CEOs, human resource leaders and other key stakeholders in client organizations to develop thoughtful and strategic solutions around transitions in critical functions.

Excellence in Talent Acquisition

From seasoned professional to college hire in Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing

  • Our proven executive search process applies deep industry and functional knowledge to help you find skilled individuals who best fit your organization’s unique needs and will have an immediate impact.
  • Our College Hire Program is all about streamlining the College Recruitment process for employers, universities, graduates and student athletes. Our program connects top college talent with top employers. GRN Coastal partners with colleges and helps their students get their first job in dynamic organizations that present career paths.
  • Our personnel are focused on delivering results and creating an understanding of your needs and the opportunities for the right candidate. We concentrate on executive management, sales management, technical sales, marketing, engineering and operational roles.
The GRN Advantage

Our Global Network

GRN (Global Recruiters® Network) has been recognized as the one of Inc. Magazines fastest growing private companies in America on multiple occasions and a Top Executive Search firm by Forbes Magazine seven years in a row. We have a global recruiting presence with an expansive network, including over 200 locations across North America and have placed over 1700 candidates in over 20 countries across the 5 continents. Our people, technology and experience are the advantage you need in today’s competitive business environment of talent acquisition… and we are all interconnected! When you hire GRN, you get the value and presence of our entire network.

Recruitment: From the Industry, For the Industry

Recruiting for specific skillsets in the industrial and construction trades is very challenging. Companies seek experienced talent, needing the experience to accelerate their speed to growth as unfilled roles can lead to lost sales and/or profitability.

Finding top talent in a marketplace with low unemployment and shortages of top candidates can be a daunting task for HR departments that have many job responsibilities. Talent acquisition specialists are tasked with finding talent for roles in which they typically haven’t had any direct work experience – their searches are based on keywords and competitor names and titles. Surely a difficult task. Having someone on your side who understands these business challenges, who has done sales management, has managed P&L, who understands your customer segments and the product categories, who can sell your company’s virtues, is key to your long-term recruitment success. GRN Coastal provides you with a different alternative to finding top talent.

We are from the industry. This means we’ve worked in your industry or a very similar industry. We understand your industry’s dynamics. Whether it is distribution, manufacturing or services related to the construction and industrial trades, we have walked on factory floors, we have done inventory at distributors, managed sales teams and worked with contractors on job sites. We have firsthand experience programming PLCs, and we understand what switchgear, lighting, VFDs, HMIs, hydronics and butterfly valves are all about. These words have meaning to us beyond being listed on a keyword search. We have real-world industry experience that allows us to qualify candidates by relying not on keywords but on our significant industry experience. We can walk the talk.

And we’ve personally hired the types of candidates you are seeking. We feel that true industry experience lets us talk to candidates from a position of industry knowledge. We know what to look for as we ask ourselves, “Would I hire this person to work for me?” We can:

  • Have the technical conversation about product offerings and talk about the job description.
  • Talk about the marketplace and competition from a long-term strategic view while also discussing industry challenges, dynamics, nuances and opportunities.
  • Clearly show candidates why they should work for your organization rather than your competition because we know your competition.
Our conversations with candidates are not the typical recruiter’s script. We source. We engage. We sell. We help you win.
Being from the industry and working for the industry is the foundation of our success. Today candidates and clients turn to GRN Coastal for our recruiting expertise as well as – since we’re an industry insider – our advice and industry insights on talent acquisition and career development. They trust us with their business, and we work hard every day to help them make the right decisions to keep their trust. We are viewed as an extension of each client’s team and a trusted advisor to our candidates.

Securing All Types of Top Talent


The workforce is constantly changing, and having a search firm that can relate to the challenges of both the client and candidate is very important. At GRN Coastal, we apply our strengths to candidates ranging from the seasoned CEO to the new college hire. Our personnel are focused on delivering results and creating an understanding of your needs and the opportunities for the right candidate. We concentrate on executive management, sales management, technical sales, marketing, engineering and operational roles.