Entry Level and College Hire


College Hire Program™

When it comes to recruiting recent college graduates, many of today’s recruitment practices simply aren’t fit for this purpose. Talented, motivated graduates are often screened out of the selection process based on lack of work experience. Even candidates that may have only one to three years’ experience are also ignored. Listening to what we have heard from our clients, we feel this hiring process is in need of a change.

GRN Coastal’s College Hire Program is designed to deliver pre-qualified and screened top collegiate talent and entry-level talent to your organization with efficiency and cost savings in mind. This program has been designed to work with both college hires for management training programs and sales trainees, full time hires. It also applies to entry-level candidates with a few years of experience.

The desired result is to consistently deliver top lesser-experienced talent for selection, reduce costs, and add efficiency to the hiring process. Please contact us for more details.


At GRN Coastal, we have developed the entry-level College Hire Program™, which is part of our Talent Marketplace initiative. Our mission is to create personal relationships with student graduates and entry-level candidates and connect them with valued customers. Our goal is to bring them together to make a difference in the next-generation workforce.

What makes us unique is that we are not a database company that forwards dozens of college résumés to companies for a fee, or a company that only posts jobs on job boards. We partner with companies that are recruiting for a real, specific role and we find them well-screened talent at a cost savings.

We are dedicated to each recent graduate and take the time to talk to them about their goals. We don’t charge grads any fees and will gladly help revise résumés to highlight athletic abilities and unique qualities.

Our firm’s vision is to make a lasting impact on young college graduates and the companies they will work for.

The College Hire Program Overview:

  • Step 1: GRN finds qualified college candidates
  • Step 2: GRN pre-screens / pre-qualifies potential candidates
  • Step 3: GRN Candidate Interview and connection
  • Step 4: Interview by phone or video
  • Step 5: Present the candidate to clients

We feel our College Hire Program addresses the growing need for the industries we service to combat the issue of the aging workforce.

If you would like to work with us on creating a College Hire Program for your office, please call Janice Salvadore at 508-589-6022 or email her at collegehireprogram@grncoastal.com

Learn more by visiting http://collegehire.grncoastalrecruiters.com/