Here’s an all-too-familiar scenario – there’s an opening at your office and you need to fill it, fast.

Who takes ownership of the process? How many people need to get involved? The stress of one person trying to perform two jobs is taking its toll. You’ve made an effort to look at the pile of résumés on your desk but can’t seem to find enough quality time to carefully sift through them. You could go ahead, fill the position and end up with a potential second-rate candidate, or you could call GRN Coastal.

Our search consultants have the time and talent to help you find A-list players.

We don’t just send you résumés, we send you finalists for your position! The best part – it’s done on our clock, not yours. We know what you’re looking for because we’ve lived it. Now we’re ready to take care of placement solutions for you. Take a moment to look at what GRN has to offer:

  • Before the search process begins, we go that extra mile and get to know your company’s background and culture.
  • We offer total solutions to your placement needs, from the moment a candidate is discovered to after the hire.
  • During the search, we tighten the focus and work only with executive profiles that match your company’s unique needs.
  • We have an extensive database that provides exclusive access to passive, hard-to-find candidates.
  • You have the opportunity to work with highly trained search consultants, many of whom specialize in your field.
  • Our exclusive, award-winning recruitment software connects you instantly to any one of our 500 search consultants around the world.

Selecting the right candidate for the right position takes a keen understanding of the challenges that the potential hire may experience. Being able to qualify a candidate by asking specific questions that are relevant to performance allows us to quickly qualify top talent for presentation to you. We deliver finalists for your toughest positions to fill not just candidates and résumés. Our finalists become your next new hire!