Talent Marketplace™

GRN Coastal’s Talent Marketplace™ consists of showcasing top experienced talent for hire and also recent college and entry level talent for hire.

Even as the recruitment industry continues to evolve, methods to obtain top talent in the marketplace remain the same, though with companies either hiring an outside recruitment firm to source candidates or relying on their internal talent acquisitions team and online postings to attract the talent.

GRN Coastal works with thousands of potential candidates each year, and in a recent survey conducted by our firm, a resounding 90% of respondents said they would participate in having their credentials “posted” confidentially in our Talent Marketplace when they are passively looking for a new role.

What is so remarkable about this fact is that employees are looking for a means to attract companies to themselves versus having companies reach out directly to them. Employees want to see what the market has for them, and employees want to see if they can improve upon their current employment position.

Our Talent Marketplace also gives our industry a means to go directly to a website and search for their specific needs by geography, role and industry. Our top talent is prescreened and qualified by industry experts AND is ready to be interviewed. In some cases, our talent has already conducted an online interview with us and we can forward that directly and confidentially to any would-be employer.

The result is that GRN Coastal can provide you with rapidly sourced and qualified candidates for positions needed to be filled rapidly. We don’t need a formal assignment from employers in order to allow employers to source this talent via our marketplace. You can source the talent for one low flat fee, well below market rate.

If you would like to be highlighted on our Talent Marketplace™ Board or learn more about this service, please contact Janice Salvadore at 508-589-6022 or email at jansalvadore@grncoastal.com