Talent Assessment

GRN COASTAL provide all sorts of pre-employment testing.

Employee assessment tests help identify and select the most qualified job candidates.

A Comprehensive Library of Assessments

GRN Coastal delivers standardized, world-class employee assessments for each phase of the hiring process.

  • Used individually, these employee assessments provide valuable enhancements to an existing employee selection process.
  • Combined, they efficiently gather relevant information and provide a comprehensive “whole person” view of candidate qualifications for efficient, objective employee selection.
  • The tests that GRN Coastal utilizes are based on extensive research and are consistently updated to maintain relevancy in today’s fast-paced market.
  • This provides employers with confidence that the tests will have a positive impact on their employment process.

User-Friendly Technology

GRN Coastal provides an Online, secure, Internet-based platform that provides a quick and easy way to administer employee assessments, view score results and track candidate information. Simple “green/yellow/red” indicators quickly show how a candidate’s results compare to the ideal scoring range for a specific job. Sort and Filter tools make quick work of comparing candidates based on results.