Guide to Position Selection

Ever changing markets, employee vacancies and business conditions require companies to reinvent themselves rapidly. Our practice partners with you through this period of rapid change, making recommendations on what we see and hear throughout the process.

Our Guide to Position Selection (GPS) product is applied to high end; high impact searches and focuses on three major areas of your organization: GPS is based upon the execution of our three step process before taking an assignment, during assignment execution and after assignment selection.

  • GPS Positioning session- pre assignment
  • GPS Organizational session -during the assignment
  • GPS Accountability and Execution session- during on boarding


Our Guide to Position Selection program helps our clients navigate thru complex hiring issues that are preventing their organizations from reaching their next milestone of success. Our field proven techniques are based on years of strategy development and process refinement that gets results. Let us put your team on the right route and point your team in the right direction to your next great hire for all the right reasons.