College Hire Program

asset-4fav_small3College Hire Program:

When it comes to recruiting recent college graduates, many of today’s recruitment practices simply aren’t fit for this purpose. Talented, motivated graduates are often screened out of the selection process based on lack of work experience.

Listening to what we have heard from our clients, we feel this hiring process is in need of a change.

  • We believe that companies need to shift from a mindset focused on real world work experience and qualifications to one that encourages graduates to broaden their horizons; to be molded and grow within a company and its culture, to help create solutions to industries biggest challenges that only fresh millennial minds will have.
  • Ten years from now, industry will be completely changed due to technological advances.
  • We empathize with graduates and their potential employers. A college hire program is a necessary need in preparing for the future and inevitable change. We need to invigorate our work environments with new fresh ideas.
  • We believe that top employers must find different ways to engage with potential graduates before graduation and do it more often. We believe in summer intern programs and college hire programs.

At GRN coastal we have developed a College Hire Program which we feel addresses these challenges. Our program consists of sourcing and testing the best recent College Graduates for employment with our clients at a very reasonable fee.

If you would like to work with us on creating a College Hire Program for your office please call Janice Salvadore at 508-589-6022 or email her at