Talent Connector™

Talent Connector


Unfortunately, not every candidate can be selected to fill a particular position. GRN Coastal is always working with executives in search of their next assignment. These are high quality individuals from many different sectors of expertise and geographic preference. Via our Talent Matching services, we try to play matchmaker and connect these individuals with companies that may not know they are available. Here is how our process works:

  1. Candidate expresses his/her desires to work for a particular company.
  2. GRN Coastal reaches out to that company on behalf of the candidate.
  3. GRN Coastal tries to get the candidate an interview opportunity.

Talent Connector™


GRN Coastal’s Talent Connector™ Program is the first of its kind in the industry.  In Today’s market talent is a sought after commodity.  We have created a talent pool of highly experienced candidates which are highlighted on our website.  Distributors and Manufactures all over the country will have access to this talent pool.  If they have a specific need they can come to our site to see if we have the talent they are looking  for.  We will send out notifications when we have added top talent to our pool.  No names will ever be listed and the potential employee will have to give us permission to send their resume if a company wishes to find out more about the candidate.

If you would like to be highlighted on our Talent Connector™ Board please contact Janice Salvadore at 508-589-6022 or email at jansalvadore@grncoastal.com