Our Process

How do we do it: Real world Experience:  It is as simple as that. At GRN Coastal, every search we conduct and every candidate we present are screened extensively by people that have been in that particular industry. Our difference is that we only recruit in our areas of expertise. Our team addresses how the acquisition of top Talent can drive Strategy, affect Organizational Alignment and have a direct impact on bottom-line  results. We have the industry experience you’re looking for. We feel that having been in the field, working shoulder to shoulder with the type of people that fill the roles we search for can make a big difference in the selection process.

Todays talent acquisition process is very competitive, we see many companies putting in place their own internal talent acquisition teams. But can these teams be effective? There are many positions that can be filled by this type of recruiting BUT there are many that can not. The more complex the role, the more complex the search. That is when you need specific expertise with experience in the field that is familiar with the role and familiar with the capabilities needed to be successful in that role.

When it comes to job placement, no other company offers quick, long-term results better than GRN.

The Process:

  1. Discovery Phase — Vital first step where we gather information and get to know you and your company.
  2. Search Phase — What is your company’s culture? Goals for the future? Leadership style? These are just a few of the many questions we ask to narrow the field and save you time.
  3. Hiring Phase — During this crucial stage, we set up all interviews and coordinate every aspect of the negotiating process.
  4. Transition Phase — We help the candidate feel confident they’ve made the right choice to move on by offering support and advice, assisting with the resignation process and coordinating a start date.
  5. Follow-Up Phase — Final stage where we follow up before, during and after your employee’s start date.

Ingredients for success: 

  • Clarify and define your specific staffing needs in order to increase the efficiency of the search process. We understand what defines a successful candidate in each position in the industry.
  • Generate ideal candidates quickly and effectively based on our real world experience.. We won’t waste your time with candidates listed on giant internet boards if they are not a good fit. We seek individuals who, in most cases, are not actively seeking a new job. This way, we open up a totally different range of potential talent for your organization.
  • Maximize close communication with our clients during a search and work as a team. We connect with our clients and we speak their language.
  • Work closely with candidates and screen them thoroughly, creating an optimum fit between your needs and their skills. You will interview only A-list, pre-qualified employees, minimizing time spent on the entire process.
  • We operate as a committed, professional extension of your team in every aspect of our work.
  • Earn the respect of our clients and forge a relationship that will last for years to come. In this manner, GRN becomes a reliable partner for growth and all your professional transition needs.

Gather Information and Qualify Assignment

  •  Initiate the project by conducting an in-depth interview to discover:
  • Client objectives for this role / reason for hiring
  • Start date
  • Hiring process
  • GRN & stakeholder (client organization) partnership/Involvement

Full understanding of org

  • Background / history
  • Goals
  • Selling points
  • Based on data gathered put together a recruit campaign
  • Profile of ideal candidate
  • Likely sources
  • Name gathering
  • Time lines

Commence search based on name gathering and sources.

-Targeting the 65% of the workforce working and meeting/exceeding their current companies’ goals for them.

– Using industry knowledge to expand this pool to locate those “hard to find” people.

Candidates that meet the profile are: screened, referenced checked and interviewed

  • Nail down a hiring process that will allow us to attract the best candidates for our clients.
  • Set interviews (act as the liaison between Hiring Authority and Candidates)
  • Debrief (H/A and Candidates) after the interviews to ensure that we get not only feedback  but also capture the true emotion and enthusiasm (or lack thereof) that is there right after an interview takes place
  • Assist in offer negotiation and presentation to assure candidate acceptance
  • Re-cover counteroffer with candidate
  • Help Candidate create a resignation letter
  • Coordinate start date

We follow up before the candidates start date to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, we want to make sure all parties are on the same page and get off to a great start. After the start date, we will periodically check in to confirm that our candidate is achieving goals, exceeding expectation, and preforming at a high level. As part of the follow up stage, we can use this time to discuss any other present or future un-filled roles within your company that would benefit from our superior services.