Our Technology

GRN TECHNOLOGY HAS SET A NEW STANDARD IN THE SEARCH WORLD by creating a progressive, user-friendly system that seamlessly guides our consultants through the entire placement process. Our powerful network allows us to find the right candidates more quickly and efficiently. Yet it will never replace the personal relationship we have with you. To us, responding directly to the needs of our clients always comes first.


GRN is head of the class by creating the search industry’s first desktop-driven, recruiter-to-recruiter chat, assignment and candidate exchange system. Once we receive your assignment, we can immediately post it to our entire network, thus taking your needs globally within our network in seconds.  It’s the only program that allows our internal GRN search consultants to instantly exchange qualified job assignments and candidates with each other. Our goal is to provide you with the right fit candidate within your budget and timeframe. We eliminate the need for you to waste precious time and money sifting through piles of unnecessary e-mails for the perfect match. Thanks to GRN Chat and Exchange, you’ll only be sent the most promising candidates via a “plugged in” network of hundreds of professional recruiters that clearly understand your needs via our internally posted qualifications and criteria for your position. GRN Coastal will present you only qualified candidates.


Want a face-to-face interview with a candidate 500 miles away? Need to have a one-on-one meeting with a search consultant? Introducing GRN Interactive Network, the latest videoconferencing technology. When a phone call or e-mail just won’t do, this unrivaled tool enables people from all over the globe to come together, adding more reality to the situation. Whether it’s for interviewing, group meetings or consulting, the GRN Interactive Network offers substantial benefits for you by increasing the speed and efficiency of the search process. We can save you time and money.


GRN’s has the competitive advantage that assists our clients to hire the best, the fastest via our Mobile Applications. To increase the speed and quality of information transfer, GRN has developed the search industry’s first suite of mobile applications all sized and shaped to be view easily on your mobile device for today’s busy executive.

  • UR Hired for Candidates: GRN’s UR Hired delivers pertinent information to candidates for every scheduled interview and throughout the hiring process. Data is received instantly and discreetly, as candidates prepare from their own smart phone.
  • Who’s Next for Employers/clients: GRN’s Who’s Next puts proprietary information in the palm of our client’s hand. Prior to meeting each person, the client is prepared to conduct an informed, effective interview.
  • Captain’s Chair for our office managers. GRN’s Captain’s Chair allows our network to coordinate and monitor each step of the hiring process.

These applications are exclusive to the GRN Network only. Engage with GRN Coastal and download our applications to keep you informed of the entire recruiting process. We keep everyone updated…instantly!